For Immediate Release

Title: Brand Caribbean LLC Is Coming

CaribPRWire, NEW YORK, NY, Fri. Apr. 6, 2007: Get ready for Brand Caribbean LLC, a collaborative effort of marketing and promotional talent geared solely to raising awareness of the strength of the Caribbean marketplace comprised of people who claim Indian, West Indian, Asian and African heritage. Hard Beat Communications’ Felicia Persaud and SkyCue Marketing’s Wanda Fisher are coming together as part of BRAND CARIBBEAN, LLC, a promotional agency focusing solely on helping companies reach the Multi-Ethnic Caribbean market. Fisher and Persaud are kicking off their collaboration with the launch of the first national Caribbean American public service announcement campaign across the US, featuring corporate executives paying tribute to their most admired Caribbean greats from the industry of entertainment, political, sports, education, and popular unsung heroes.   The production is scheduled for April 20 th and 23 rd in the well-known studios of Diamante Pictures in Manhattan. Fisher believes that Persaud’s venture into the market to date, as well as the expansion of the Caribbean World News Network, (CWNN) via syndication, will also help to provide a national and international media source for building a case to strengthening the power base of this community and providing a real multi-level platform to reach the Caribbean consumer