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Title: Caribbean Association Of Wellness & Spas Key Reason For Celebrity Moms Visit To Antigua And Barbuda

Wanda Fisher, founder of the Caribbean Association of Wellness & Spas and brand, strategist and partnership marketing specialist for SkyCue Marketing & Productions Inc. and wellness advisor for the National Association of Black Females Executives in Music & Entertainment, is set to help host a wellness and Spa retreat for celebrity moms in Antigua & Barbuda.
Fisher says she was inspired to establish annual retreats for the entertainment industry after recognizing the level of stress seen in the syndrome of  a “”Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde”" behavior created from some executives and talent in music, film, and television having to please so many people and depending on them to always be perfect. Derede Whitlock-Samuels, director of tourism USA , Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Ministry, is hosting the first Annual Celebrity Mom Retreat for the celebrity moms of the National Association of Female Executives in Music & Entertainment.  
Samuels saw the value of inviting the entertainment industry to Antigua and Barbuda for a haven of relaxation, peace, and mental rejuvenation.  Properties in Antigua & Barbuda are continuing to specialize in spa services not available on any other island. Mothers to Billboard artists Alicia Keyes, Grammy winners and film stars Common, Ludacris and Mos Def are participating in this year’s retreat.   In memory of NABFEME sister and celebrity mom, Donda West, a special planting of seeds ceremony is set to be held at Antigua & Barbuda Government House hosted by General Dame Louise Lake-Tack.
West was a key reason for Fisher to create a platform for NABFEME to host their celebrity moms in a peaceful and natural setting to stimulate balancing the mind, body, and spirit. Fisher insists she will continue to work with Whitlock’s vision to help reinforce the destination’s commitment to becoming the entertainment center of the Eastern Caribbean and garner the support of the wider entertainment community to increase the likelihood of establishing stronger ties with support groups and organizations throughout the United States .
`We hope to attract the attention of the celebrity mom’s children and the media to address some of the critical issues that families face today,` she added. The Celebrity Moms will be hosted at Jumby Bay and will attend events at other properties including Sandals Spa and Blue Waters.  Lighthouse Bay in Barbuda has created a magical day of authentic Caribbean 8 course meal, charter flight, and concierge room service to provide special services requested by each celebrity mom.