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Title: D.C. Caribbean Carnival, Inc. And CaribID Become 2010 Census Partners

CaribPRNewswire, WASHINGTON, D.C., Mon. June 8, 2009: As the 2010 Census approaches and the Seventeenth Annual Caribbean Carnival Extravaganza marks the beginning of the summer, the D.C. Caribbean Carnival and CaribID are partnering with the U.S. Census Bureau to ensure that everyone is counted.
The Carnival Extravaganza kicks off with a parade at 11am Saturday, June 27 at Georgia and Missouri Avenues in the District.    The Georgia Avenue parade route ends at Benjamin Banneker Park on Tenth and G Streets with entertainment, food, and exhibits.   Festival events continue Sunday from 12-7pm.   The Census Bureau is participating in the parade and exhibiting at the festival.       D.C. Caribbean Carnival Executive Director Loughton Sargaent says, `This is an excellent opportunity for the Caribbean Carnival to play an instrumental role in ensuring that the word gets out to the general community in Washington D.C. about the importance of standing up and being counted in 2010.`  
CaribID Founder Felicia Persaud added, `Respect for Caribbean nationals starts with being counted in the Census, since numbers are valued most.   In 2010, let us get our numbers up by filling out and returning the Census form to ensure we truly count.   Let us make sure we spread the word to our neighbors, our friends and all family members that come March 2010, we must stand up and be counted.` Fernando E. Armstrong, United States Census Bureau Philadelphia Regional Director, states, `We are proud to partner with the DC Caribbean Carnival and CaribID.    Alliances such as these are vitally important to achieving a complete census count.   We rely on these community leaders who are trusted messengers to help spread the word about the importance of the census to the community and to reinforce that completing the 2010 Census is easy and safe because all information remains confidential.` The U.S. Census Bureau is relying heavily on its partners to achieve a successful 2010 Census.     Partners play a significant role in educating the public and their constituents about the importance of the census.   Census results are the basis for congressional representation as well as the distribution of federal, state and local funds totaling more than $300 billion annually for programs and services.   Programs and services include education, housing, health care services, job training, transportation, and more.   For more information, visit the Philadelphia Regional Census Center online at    The U.S. Constitution requires a population and housing census every 10 years.   The effort employs some of the most sophisticated technical and operational knowledge and tools available, as well as a work force of 1.4 million temporary employees to count everyone.   Census Day is April 1, 2010.