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Title: Jamaican Tour Company Offers Diverse Cultural Experiences Through Volunteer Program

Summer Isle Tours, a pioneer of Jamaican theme tourism offers the unique opportunity to discover Jamaica through its International Youth Volunteerism program and Jamaica Nice Time Packages.
Since its inception in 1987, this tour company with a difference has successfully marketed and delivered sports camps and adventure tours to the land that gave the world legendary reggae superstar Bob Marley. But now the company is offering a new blend of tourism packages that serve up a sliver of local culture with your cup of Blue Mountain java.
“”We’re not just trying to sell sand and sea,”" says Summer Isle founder, and managing director, Maureen Wright-Evans, “”Many people are not looking for sand and beach alone anymore. They long for a first-hand cultural experience and want to immerse themselves in the local life. They’re looking to experience life in the community- so we are selling the community.”"
This passion of creating experiences for the person with an adventurous spirit who want to experience the thrill of knowing Jamaica and its history led to launch of the International Youth Volunteerism & Cultural Fest program. It aims to connect second and third