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Title: Online Social Network invades the Caribbean

Online Social Network invades the Caribbean
On October 7, 2007, had an exciting launch at the Miami Caribbean Carnival Weekend at Bicentennial Park, Broward, and South Beach, Florida.   The Online Social Media Network uses Web 2.0 to bring viral Up-to-Date Caribbean Video, Radio, and Caribbean News Feeds to people across the globe.   The Carib Vibe has selected America Online’s Userplane Video, Audio, Text Chat platform that uses your web cam and mic to communicate with up to 40 members in one chat room. When a user is registered they are able to create their own Video Chat Room, Club, or Networking Group.   Registration is free, and member’s privacy is always protected. The Carib Profiles area allows members to create their own Carib Space. Members can choose from 5 pre-defined layout templates.   Make their profile public or private; private profiles are visible only to other members on your friends list. Optionally add basic details to your profile such as phone numbers, email addresses, personal interests, hobbies etc. Users can add as many modules to their page as they like, choosing their location, layout, icon and title and controlling its content. Here are the Carib Space add-in modules:
MyBlog – create your own blog and optionally allow other members or public to comment on your entries (you can delete inappropriate comments)
MyPictures – Create albums of pictures to share with your friend and colleagues. Pictures are easily uploaded, resized and displayed anywhere on your profile.
MyLists – Create a list of your favourite music, DVDs, other profiles. Each entry can be linked to another web page or file.
MyText – Add a MyText module and type away or add html code by clicking the “” source “” button on the text editor tool bar
MyProfile – this is the main module on your page that lets people know about you – how to contact you and what your interested in.
MyFriends – make friends and network.
MyMedia – include your band demo tape or a home video on your profile
MyRSS – Display your favorite RSS feed on your profile
MyGuestbook – guestbook for users to sign on your
Add Paypal or Google Checkout to sell items  
The Carib Vibe integrates with Google Search with a Caribbean look and feel of search results.   Choose from leading travel search engines for the best prices on airline tickets, hotel, and car rental at discount rates. The vision of The Carib Vibe Social Media Network is to bridge the world closer to that Caribbean landscape, food, culture, music, lifestyles, and fashion.   The Carib Vibe also integrates with all Facebook pages, as an add-in application. is the new trend for connecting all regions to Caribbean Community.