For Immediate Release

Title: Penalty Recordings To Release

NEW YORK, NY, Weds. Dec. 14, 2005: On January 31, 2006, Penalty Recordings in conjunction with Fine Gold Productions will release ‘ It’s All About Dancing: A Jamaican Dance-U-Mentary ,’ the first official DVD to capture the vibrant and sometimes outrageous culture of the Jamaican dancehall.
  The film features local and international dancehall artists and dancers: Beenie Man, Elephant Man, T.O.K., Mr. Vegas, Voicemail, Macka Diamond, Tanto Metro & Devonte, Tony Matterhorn,  Richie Feelings, Bogle, John Hype, Ice, Sadiqy & G-Unit, Latisha and  Kiyo (dancehall Queens).
  ‘It’s All About Dancing,’ does for Jamaican dancing what David LaChappelle’s acclaimed film “”Rize”" did for Los Angeles “”krump”" dancing. It is the first feature-length documentary to showcase a local dance culture in its truest form.  Filmed on location in the country where dancehall was born, this DVD spotlights the scene’s rich and colorful cast of talent: dancehall selectors, DJs and dancers, almost all of whom are native to Jamaica.
The film is hosted by premiere Jamaican dancer “”Ding Dong,”" who was discovered by infamous DJ Tony Matterhorn, and having recently appeared in videos by Elephant Man and Beenie Man, is today’s hottest dancehall personality. Together in one “”dance-u-mentary,”" dancehall superstars delve into the history, language and sometimes over-the-top style of dancehall culture.  Directed by Jason “”Jay Will”" Williams (who has directed internationally released music videos for Shaggy, T.O.K., Voicemail) and produced by Carleene Samuels, ‘ It’s All About Dancing,’ is an eye-catching, entertaining documentary that reveals the essence of dancehall via interviews and candid monologues, inter-spliced with improvisational dance sequences meant to school even a beginner in the moves of the dancehall. The DVD also features a tribute to Gerald “”Bogle”" Levy, founding father of Jamaican dancing (and mentor to Ding Dong).  Bogle was gunned down in Kingston in January, one year ago to the film’s release date.  An all-star dance tribute, along with never-before-seen footage of Bogle can be found on the main DVD menu. For more, log on to: .