For Immediate Release

Title: Roamin’ TV Show Takes Caribbean Music And Culture International

Bridgetown, Barbados (March 4, 2008) – The music and culture of the Caribbean takes a giant leap forward when Barbados’ most popular entertainment television show airs on the CBS network on every Thursday at 7 P.M., with a potential audience of over 16 million across over 23 countries. By partnering with CBS affiliate WSEE-TV, the Roamin’ TV show becomes an important avenue for though which regional talent can be showcased around the world.
Produced by ALT Entertainment, Roamin’ is currently in its 5th season on Barbados’ CBC. It is a complete one hour video magazine show which encompasses various aspects of Caribbean youth culture. It features popular Caribbean music videos, the “”In the Caribbean”" segment which showcases what the Caribbean has to offer and it culminates with the “”Top 5″”, a countdown of the region’s most popular videos. With its “”Text Message to TV”" feature, it has become a staple among young people who want to “”shout out”" their friends on television.
Roamin’ will be aired on cable in Antigua on Channel 50, in Aruba on Channel 16, Barbados on Channel 702,