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Title: U.S. Caribbean Nationals Urged To `Stand Up and Be Counted`

  CARIBPR Wire, NEW YORK, NY, Thurs. April 2, 2009: More than five dozen Caribbean community leaders and the media gathered in Brooklyn, New York, the borough with the most migrants from the Caribbean region, to mark Census Day 2009 on Wednesday April 1 and the message was clear to all across the country – `Stand Up and Be Counted` or face being ignored by the U.S. government, politicians and corporations. `If you don`t fill out the Census form you simply don`t exist in America,` said Felicia Persaud, founder of CARIBID, the movement founded by Felicia Persaud to get Caribbean nationals counted and a self-identifying origins category on the Census form which hosted the Brooklyn kick-off event.
The 2010 Census will begin next April 1, 2010 with questionnaires mailed to all households beginning next March.
Persaud insists now that every Caribbean national across the U.S. must become ambassadors in the process, urging every family member, friend, co-worker, colleague, church member, customer, et al, to fill out the form.
`Everyone is busy but please remember that if you want social services in your city, if you want sponsorship and advertising dollars, if you want investment or for your business to grow, everything we do starts with the Census,` said Persaud. `So it is important that we use all tools available