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Why CaribPR? CaribPR.com Is The FIRST Press Release Newswire Of The Caribbean Community.

Welcome To Hard Beat Communications –The Caribbean Under One Roof.

Hard Beat gives you the opportunity to tap into a billion dollar marketplace of more than 44 million people, that stretches from Anguilla to the Turks & Caicos, to the U.S. , Canada and the U.K.

Whether you’re looking to reach Caribbeans in the U.S. , Canada , the U.K or the region, Hard Beat Communications is the conduit to help you effectively tap into this economically viable community, not merely through advertising, but through solid and creative campaigns that WILL reach your targeted consumers.


Are varied and especially designed to cater to your specific niche market needs. They include:


Hard Beat Communications is ready to work with your company to plan a creative campaign geared specifically towards the general Caribbean market place or specific countries or market segments. We will conceptualize, strategize and implement a plan of action that will brand your company in this marketplace at the grassroots or executive level, depending on your needs, in order for you to maximize returns. From high-powered investment receptions and seminars to a full-service marketing and public relations campaign, targeting this niche market, Hard Beat is your choice for maximum Return On Investment.

Through, Carib PR Wire, the Caribbean ’s own press release newswire service, Hard Beat executives offers your company the opportunity to reach the Caribbean community via news releases.

The release is email blasted to over 300 Caribbean media, including your photos and release without any word limit. Your press release will reach the majority of Caribbean newspapers, magazines, radio and television programs and online news services in the U.S. and the region.

Additionally, your news release will be featured on Hardbeatnews.com.. Our service will save you thousands in mailing, paper and outreach costs.

Your release is sent out immediately – once it’s entered in our database and we offer bulk rates for clients interested in a 3-month, 6-month or 12-month contracts, or on-going agreements. Additionally, your release will be featured on Carib PR Wire, so you can access it any time!

But our public relations offer does not stop here. We can devise an entire PR strategy, write your releases and ensure your releases are translated and edited to reach the diverse marketplace, in French, Creole, Spanish or Dutch.


The Hard Beat Team will advise you on the top media and sponsorship opportunities in this viable marketplace, whether in the across the Caribbean , or in U.S. , Canadian and U.K. cities where Caribbeans live, giving you competitive rates with the best possible placement.

We know the market place and the top media that will bring your company the ROI it seeks and we can work with any budget level, whether it is a small regional campaign or a global effort. From new media, to print, radio or television and organization sponsorships, we will work with you and advise you on placements as well as book your ads.

Additionally, Hard Beat can book your ads in all of the diverse ethnic media in the U.S. , including the African American, Hispanic and Asian media as well as in Latin America .


Hard Beat Communications also offers a range of general multi-media service options including voice over options geared for the Caribbean marketplace, professional web site design, creative ad, brochure, news letter and invitation designs and video editing at reasonable rates .


Hard Beat Communications is the owner of the only daily Caribbean World News Service, Hardbeatnews.com, and through its network of dozens of other Caribbean media and Google News among others, the Caribbean World News Network, reaches millions around the globe. The CWNN is the newswire of Caribbeans globally, focusing on news and special issues germane to this community, as outlined in our editorial calendar, while offering companies a unique opportunity to reach this marketplace via online, low-cost advertising on Hardbeatnews.com. We also focus on Our Daily newsletter alone goes out to over 10,000 daily and the web site has page views ranging between 200,000 to over 400,000 per month in only our first year.

Additionally, our news site, ImmigrationKorner.com, is a major destination for Caribbean and other immigrants seeking information on the U.S. immigration laws. In its two years of existence, the column has grown, and now reaches a combined total of more than 1 million immigrants in the U.S. & the Caribbean through its online home and via select Caribbean publications, such as the New York Daily News’ Caribbeat magazine; the Haitian Times, the Caribbean Business Journal, the Caribbean Net News and the Amsterdam News. It is a viable, low-cost way for companies to reach the immigrant community via banner advertisements and sponsorships of our newsletter.


The Caribbean World News Network, through partnerships with dozens of media entities and journalists, helps bring the Caribbean closer, through coverage of news pertinent to this niche group. CWNN operates the same way like the Associated Press or Reuters, gathering and redistributing news via our subscribers around the globe. And is a joint collaborative effort of HardBeatNews and The Caribbean American & Hispanic Business Journal.

The CWNN network of media includes niche media that specifically targets segments of the Caribbean population.


Let The Hard Beat Team Help You.

Whether it’s by:

* Public Relations
* A Full-Service Marketing Campaign
* Advertising
* Production
* Or News

We can help!
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