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Natural Disasters, anticipation is the key to minimize their impact

MEXICO CITY, Oct. 18, 2016 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/: Hurricane “Matthew” made its enormous strength felt, generating the evacuation of more than one million people in Cuba, while costing lives in Haiti and the Dominican Republic and left the mayor damages in the Southern region.

Faced with a natural disaster, whichever its origin and type, a basic service like electricity is affected. So that repercussions are minimal, it is necessary to count with backup systems that will help to reduce the destructive force caused by nature.

Thus, today more than ever, companies, citizens and governments need not only to be alert but prepared to anticipate incidents like hurricane Matthew, to minimize the impact that these could have on continuity of services, businesses and on our daily life; and due to the dramatic climate changes that have lately arisen, the world is more vulnerable to natural disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, storms, etc.

Effects of Natural Disasters

Sociocultural Effects – It refers to the number of human losses as a result of a natural phenomenon. All disaster affects the life style of people living in the environment.

Political Effects – They take place when the government of the affected country has to fund the rehabilitation of the affected zones.

Economic Effects – When a natural phenomenon occurs, depending on the magnitude and the place where it occurs, the effects can be devastating through: loss of infrastructure, in agriculture and irreversible damages to the environment.

So no one is exempt from being affected by natural disasters; from the common citizen whose housing can be destroyed by a natural phenomenon, to the hotel chains with large tourist complexes, nor much less our governments, which even with a strategy of intelligence and safety, can only prevent further damage and take actions to mitigate the impact. As against the force of nature ¿who can stand up to it?

Faced with natural disasters with the strength of Matthew, a culture of prevention is necessary, which will lead to count with adequate tools for the continuity of our day-to-day endeavors. Thus, it is important to always be prepared and count with power backup systems that will allow us to address the worst natural phenomenon or mains failure Frank Moreno, Sales Director for Latin America, Generac.

¿So is it really worth preventing? Certainly, as according to the Association of Audit and Control of Information Systems (ISACA), 81% of managers whose organizations activated its mechanisms of business continuity, say that it was effective in reducing interruptions.

The emergence of fast generation of electricity, either due to the deficiency of existing supplies, a failure in a power station, a natural disaster or any unforeseen catastrophe, can be satisfied by means of portable power.

Characteristics of the backup generators for domestic use: Comfort, Safety and Convenience.

1. Automatic operation.

2. Various fuel options: GN / GLP.

3. It is installed outdoors, same as an air conditioning equipment.

4. It supplies power directly to the electrical system, backing up the entire system or only its essential parts.

5. The continuous resupply of fuel can be done through a local mains or through the existing gas service to the home.

6. Several capabilities and configurations in accordance with your needs.

About Generac:

Since 1959, Generac has been the leader in the design and manufacture of a wide range of power generation equipment and other products driven by engines. As a leader in light equipment for use in residential, industrial, energy and construction sectors, Generac’s power products are available globally through a broad network of independent distributors, dealers, retailers and equipment rental companies, as well as direct sales for certain customers and end users.

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Haitian Orphanage Announces Expansion Plans in Wake of Recent Earthquakes

CHESAPEAKE, Va., Jan. 23 /PRNewswire/ — Maison Fortune Orphanage, located near the city of Hinche in the central plateau region of Haiti, announced today plans for an expansion effort to better accommodate growing need after the recent devastating earthquakes. This planned expansion will increase capacity to support displaced children and will also provide employment opportunities for area citizens.

 The main goals of this announced expansion are to provide food, shelter, clothing and other needs to children from the Port-au-Prince area. Maison Fortune has witnessed a large growth in the number of children migrating to the Hinche area following the loss of their homes and families due to the recent earthquakes. By offering employment to local residents, the orphanage also hopes to increase economic stabilization in the region.

 Specific strategic goals include:

  • Increasing facility capacity and identifying additional buildings to lease.
  • Identifying and hiring appropriate staff to support additional children.
  • Developing and executing a sub-plan, in coordination with the Orphanage Director and Board, to feed, house and educate additional children for up to a year.
  • Secure funding to continue the above into future years.

 Cosmas Rubencamp, Foundation Secretary, provided the following comment based from his recent trip to the effected region, “The situation is desperate. We need to move quickly to find shelter for these displaced children.”

 About Maison Fortune Orphanage

 The Maison Orphanage Foundation, Inc. is a Chesapeake, VA based, recognized IRS 501(c) (3) charity established in 2000. Administrative costs of the organization equal 1.1 cents per each dollar contributed. The Director of the Foundation is a Haitian, Virginia Tech graduate, who began with a dream of starting and growing the orphanage to help aid the homeless children in the impoverished region. He began with 2 boys and now has over 150 residents at the center’s complex in Hinche. In addition, over 100 students from the surrounding community attend classes and receive hot meals daily from the orphanage.

 To make a donation in the expansion effort of the Maison Fortune Orphanage:

 Mail checks to: Treasurer, Maison Fortune Orphanage Foundation

P O Box 3092

Chesapeake, VA 23327-3092

 For credit cards and on line giving, visit the web site,

 Right column under News Briefs, click on “Assist in Disaster Relief”.

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