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1st National Peace Convention Held To Promote Unity

CARIBPR Wire, PASAY CITY, Philippines, Mon. Feb. 13, 2023:The 1st National Peace Convention was held on January 25, 2023 in the Philippines under the theme, “Peace Builds One Nation, One Future: Peace is Here.” It was attended by over 1,500 peace advocates to build a holistic roadmap towards the attainment of national unity through peace in consonance with the Marcos Administration’s agenda.

Dr. Ronald Adamat, Commissioner of the Commission on Higher Education, (CHED), and Founding Chairman of Volunteer Individuals for Peace, (VIP), spearheaded the event.

“We want peace to reign in our country. We want peace to be the language every one of us will speak and every Filipino and every foreigner will understand. Today, let’s declare peace as a pandemic. Infect people not to rest in peace but to live in peace,” said Dr. Adamat.

Dr. Adamat is the first Filipino recipient of the prestigious Mahatma MK Gandhi Prize for Non-Violent Peace awarded last year in recognition of his contributions to peacebuilding including the higher education.

In attendance also was Chairman Lee Man-hee of Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light, (HWPL), a 92 year-old Korean war veteran.

“Peacebuilding in Mindanao after conflict is becoming known worldwide. This is the case of transforming death into life for peace. Starting with Mindanao and the Philippines, when we unite in love, peace will come to our world. For this reason, everyone in the Philippines has to become one and work together as messengers of peace,” said Chairman Lee.

The two peace advocates first met in 2017 during HWPL World Peace Summit held in South Korea. As an expression of their shared commitment to promoting peace, CHED and HWPL signed a Memorandum of Agreement, (MOA), in 2018 to integrate peace education in the higher education curricula.

The convention commenced with the first Plenary Session followed by parallel sessions in the afternoon. The parallel sessions were conducted separately for five sector groups – lawmakers and non-government organizations, academe and youth, religious and ethnic groups, women, and media. Each session drafted a resolution which contained their solidarity with the organizers’ peace-building efforts.

The five resolutions were consolidated during the second Plenary Session to call for President Bongbong Marcos to proclaim January 24th as ‘National Peace Day’ or “Truce Day”.

The date January 24th was proposed in commemoration of a civilian-led peace agreement signed at General Santos City in 2014 to boost reconciliation among the local communities. It was proposed by Chairman Lee to mediate between the existing conflict in Mindanao at the time. The date was later declared as ‘HWPL Peace Day’ by then Maguindanao governor Toto Mangudadatu in 2015 and BARMM Chief Minister and MILF Chairman Ahod Ebrahim in 2016.

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HWPL And Shincheonji Church Of Jesus Blood Donations Contribute To Stability Of Blood Supply

CaribPR Wire, WASHINGTON, D.C., Weds. May 11, 2022: Blood shortages due to COVID-19 are prevalent across the world. In January, the American Red Cross declared “a national blood crisis”, calling for an increase in donation. This blood crisis was called the worst shortage in over a decade, and it posed a significant risk to patient care.

In South Korea, 18,000 donors from Heavenly Culture, World Peace and Restoration of Light (HWPL) and Shincheonji Church of Jesus collaboratively donated blood during a two-week blood drive beginning April 18th. This joint blood drive was recorded as the largest single group blood donation in the country.

Namsun Cho, head of the Korean Red Cross Blood Services, said: “When the impact of the Omicron reached its peak, Shincheonji Church of Jesus launched a large scale of blood donation. It was like rain during a drought. We are surprised that the number of donors exceeded 6,000 in 3 days and more people participated. We appreciate their life-saving dedication.”

A donation of this magnitude is particularly impactful, as even a single blood donation can save up to three lives.

“They did a really great job in the life-sharing movement. This scale is equivalent to one army corps donating blood for a year. The number of blood donors is nearly four times the number in a normal day, a great help in overcoming the current blood supply crisis,” said an official from the Blood Services.

“We also appreciate the members of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus who participated in the nationwide plasma donation for the development of a treatment for COVID-19 back in 2020,” he added.

In South Korea, blood donation certificates are issued to blood donors that can be used for a reduced fee when paying for a future blood transfusion. All the donors of Shincheonji and HWPL gave their personal certificates to alleviate the financial burden of patients in need of a blood transfusion.

Efforts to aid in replenishing and protecting the blood supply were not limited to just South Korea, however. In Washington, DC, members of Shincheonji organized a blood drive to donate plasma and help accelerate the development of a cure for COVID-19. The campaign organized and actively participated in by the DC congregation of Shincheonji Church of Jesus included four mass blood and plasma drives. Drawing hundreds of donors, two of the blood and plasma drives were held at Children’s National Hospital and two were held at INOVA Hospital.

The heart of Shincheonji Church of Jesus is clearly shown in their dedication to continuing to help their surrounding communities despite their members having also suffered greatly during the pandemic. Aligned with the ideals of Shincheonji Church of Jesus, HWPL is carrying out long-term peace projects based on solidarity with civil society and international organizations in 193 countries. The priorities of both organizations make an ideal partnership as their members donate blood together, and this is evidenced by the impact of their joint effort.

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Institutional Peace To Counteract The Threats of Global Conflicts Is Examined

CARIBPR WIRE, WASHINGTON, D.C., Sat. Mar. 19, 2022: In the present era where the safety of individual lives is constantly threatened by widespread conflicts, peacebuilding is currently demanded to develop into a system that promotes the values, norms, and culture of peace for all countries, communities and individuals, based on the shared principles of coexistence and interdependence of the global community.

That’s the word from Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light, (HWPL),

HWPL held its 6th Annual Commemoration of the Declaration of Peace and Cessation of War (DPCW) online on March 14, 2022 with over 5,000 participants, under the theme, ‘Institutionalizing Peace: Building a Legal Foundation for Sustainable Peace.’

The UN-affiliated NGO, HWP), has endorsed combined efforts of governments and civil society efforts that lead to the institutionalization of peace in each society. Its DPCW proclaimed in 2016 has provided a guide to citizen-led peace advocacy, in line with international organizations including the UN, the African Union (AU), and the EU that have stressed normative guidance as a standard for substantial conflict resolution with the participation of women and youth.

As for the need to “build a legal foundation for sustainable peace,” Dr. Kamal Hossain, the President of International Law Association, (ILA), Bangladesh Branch said: “The precondition for achieving peace is securing peoples’ inalienable rights, which include equality before the law, equal protection of the law, non-discrimination, freedom to associate, freedom to assemble, and freedom to express.”

In addition, Ms. Anna Cervenakova, a member of HWPL International Law Peace Committee, mentioned: “In the world’s ongoing crisis, governments question themselves, what kind of action would be the best action to take in order to overcome the emergency crisis. The need for human development, by overcoming the public health emergency, climate change, economic decline, restrictions on human rights, brings us to the point of how these burdens are solved by the institutions of the governments. Much of the burdens of the work is, therefore, on the side of the governments, so it is important what are the priorities in their institutional agenda.”

As one of the speakers, Prof. Rommel Santos Diaz of international law at the Universidad INCE, said that government offices including the Senate, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Attorney General’s Office in the Dominican Republic have been working with NGOs for the purpose of the “state’s decision-making for public policies on citizen security and human rights” based on the DPCW.

Responding to prevalent threats from religious conflicts, Imam Moulana Shafiek Nolan in Westridge of South Africa expressed: “(T)he DPCW emphasizes the importance of peace between religions and the cessation of religious conflict. The monthly scripture dialogue hosted by HWPL particularly aims to create a platform to break down misunderstandings of religious scripture and practices, mirroring the values expressed in the DPCW.”

Chairman Man Hee Lee of HWPL said that wars and conflicts continue to occur since “wars can be triggered if it is allegedly necessary according to the current international law, which is why this cannot put an end to war.” He highlighted that all members of the global village need to be united as one as “messengers of peace” to “certainly create a thing (international law for peace) that can bring about peace.”

On February 28th, HWPL issued a statement on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine that includes refugee protection and global youth solidarity against war and is delivering it to 192 countries. The DPCW presents principles of peace to be promoted by the international society such as prohibiting the use of force, fostering religious freedom, and civic participation to spread a culture of peace. It highlights that sustainable peace can be achieved through all members of the global society by identifying not only nation-states but also international organizations and all citizens as the main actors in building peace.

For the full text of the DPCW or Statement Regarding Russia and Ukraine, you may visit

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EDITOR’S NOTE: An image for use with this press release is available HERE

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An International NGO Sends Anti-War Statement To 192 Countries To Restore Peace In Ukraine

CaribPR Wire, WASHINGTON, D.C., Fri. Mar. 4, 2022: Many parts of the global society are reacting to Russia’s military invasion of Ukraine by denouncing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision of devastating attack and occupation of the Ukraine territory.

In his presidency, Putin used the military power to invade and control foreign territory including South Ossetia, Crimea of Ukraine, and now parts of the north, east and south of Ukraine, which all challenged the global security and stability.

On 28th, Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL), a South Korea-based international NGO affiliated with the UN ECOSOC and Seoul Metropolitan Government, made a statement to advocate a global cooperation for peace.

Titled “Statement by Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light (HWPL) Regarding Russia and Ukraine,” it demands that Russia withdraw all military to its own territory, international community protect and accommodate refugees, and global youth unite for an anti-war movement and peace.

“Military aggression against a sovereign state cannot be a solution to any problem, and the perils of such war and violent conflict hit innocent citizens the hardest, including women, the youth, and children. … Russia must withdraw its forces back to its country … (and we) request all nations to demonstrate their love for humanity by offering help to refugees,” HWPL said.

HWPL has been seeking to construct a global network for peace by building solidarity among leaders and representatives from the field of politics, religion, youth, women and media in the world. Written by 580,000 citizens worldwide, HWPL in 2018 sent out “peace letters” urging the heads of states of 192 countries to demand their participation in cooperation for peace.

On February 26th, the White House announced through a statement that the European Commission, France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States will cooperate to execute an economic sanction to exclude Russia from the international financial system by removing selected Russian banks from the SWIFT.

Ukrainian forces are currently resisting against the Russian military with effective defense, and anti-war protests and voices in support of Ukraine through social media become more widespread throughout the world.


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Shincheonji Church Of Jesus, 20,000-Members Increase Virtually, The Secret Is The Word (Doctrine)

CaribPR Wire, WASHINGTON, D.C., Thurs. Dec. 30, 2021: Shincheonji Zion Christian Mission Center’s online graduation ceremony held on December 26th, 2021, had over 18,000 graduates.

More than 37,000 church members have enrolled since the Coronavirus crisis began… “This growth is possible only with the Word.”

After the lecture on the Book of Revelation, Pastors sign MOU: “Introductory course of Zion Christian Mission Center will be lectured on YouTube”

On December 26th 2021, Shincheonji Church of Jesus, The Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony, (specifically, Chairman Man-hee Lee, on behalf of Shincheonji Church of Jesus), held an online graduation ceremony for Zion Christian Mission Center Class 112, which produced nearly 20,000 new members.

A total of 18,838 people (11,162 domestic and 7,676 overseas) graduated during an online graduation ceremony, which was broadcast worldwide through the official YouTube channel of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus at noon on December 26th. Zion Christian Mission Center is a Bible education center operated by Shincheonji Church of Jesus.

During the sermon at the graduation ceremony, Chairman Lee testified to the words of today’s fulfillment of Revelation and emphasized how the creation of a new kingdom and new people is prophesied in the Bible and the graduates are part of it’s reality.

Chairman Lee stated that Jesus fulfilled the promise of sowing the two kinds of seeds as written in Jer 31 at the First Coming, and at the end of the world – the time of harvest – the good seed of the two kinds of seeds, the sons of God, will be harvested, sealed, and created into the 144,000 of the 12 tribes.

Chairman Lee continued, “The 12 tribes of Shincheonji are teaching the book of Revelation in 5W’s and 1H all around the world.”

On the day of the graduation, Tan Young-jin, the supervisor of the Zion Christian Center, said, “Shincheonji is not stopping its growth, and as time goes by, online evangelism is getting better. All members of the church are evangelizing online as they are thoroughly complying with the quarantine policy.”

He continued, “As a result of the Chairman and the 12 tribe leaders testifying to the prophecy and reality of the book of Revelation all over the world, many churches and seminaries have signed an MOU with Shincheonji Church of Jesus and are requesting lectures. This mission center’s introductory course will be testified worldwide. Please listen for yourself and see what God has promised for today.”

On the other hand, the number of graduates at the graduation ceremony is drawing attention both inside and outside relevant religious circles. The growth of Shincheonji Church of Jesus contrasts with the general atmosphere of other churches, where membership is decreasing during the COVID-19 pandemic. Shincheonji Church of Jesus has seen unprecedented growth throughout the world, especially considering that it was achieved solely through online education.

The Zion Christian Mission Center produced 18,382 graduates last year. Since the cessation of face-to-face religious activities due to COVID-19 occurred, 37,220 people have completed the Bible education course online and officially joined Shincheonji Church of Jesus.

The reason why the number of members of Shincheonji Church of Jesus are increasing after the outbreak of COVID-19 is interpreted as a result of desiring a life of faith centered on the words of the Bible. It is reasoned that there are many people who started studying out of interest after encountering the high-level Bible education provided by Shincheonji Church of Jesus, especially as an environment was created where people could access various lectures through YouTube and other online resources instead of face-to-face religious activities due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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Bible Seminar On “What Jesus Told Is Achieved In Today’s World”

CaribPR Wire, WASHINGTON, D.C., Dec. 30, 2021: Amid a global decline in the religious population, a clear explanation of the Bible has drawn more than 140,000 believers to the church and the attention of millions.

“Shincheonji Online Seminar: Testimony on the Parables of the Secrets of Heaven and Their True Meanings” is held by Shincheonji Church of Jesus, the Temple of the Tabernacle of the Testimony. This round of seminars focusing on understanding parables written in the Bible in the New Testament will be on Youtube live-stream on every Monday and Thursday on 10am (GMT+9) from January 3rd to March 28th.

“Parables are the key element to understanding the secrets of the kingdom of heaven. The prophecy of the Old Testament was fulfilled at the time of Jesus in his first coming. Now Jesus left his prophecy of the New Testament to be fulfilled “when the time comes” (John 16:25). We are heading towards the true meaning as the prophecy is revealed,” said an official of the church.

The previous seminars on the book of Revelation for the last three months on YouTube were released in 24 languages and reached 7 million views in 136 countries including 16,000 pastors as participants. Shincheonji Church of Jesus said that 1,200 global church leaders in 57 countries have signed MOUs with the church to boost international cooperation and exchanges for educational support.

As for the signing, Pastor Jerry Hagerman of Wayside Mission Church in Virginia, USA, said, “I want to be able to grow in the word and I want to teach out congregation … and help bring them from death to life. I want to be one with God’s kingdom and have open communication.”

In a recent report in December 2021 from Pew Research Center’s National Public Opinion Reference Surveys, 3 out of 10 adults in the United States are now religiously unaffiliated. The most affected in the fall in the religious population is the Protestant among Christian denominations that has shown steady decrease from 52% in 2007 to 40% in 2021.

This trend is also reflected by another investigation from Lifeway Research in Nashville that says most Americans consider Jesus as a historical fact but religiously have no biblical knowledge about why he came. According to the report, only 9% of the 1,005 respondents knew that his mission was to give open words (fulfillment) of the Old Testament.

On the other side of the globe, an increasing number of people are affiliated with religion. Contrary to the decrease in traditional denominations, over 140,000 people have joined the Shincheonji Church of Jesus after the Bible education course since 2019 and the subsequent COVID-19.

The official of Shincheonji Church of Jesus said, “Across the world, more and more people are experiencing diseases, disasters, and hardships due to COVID-19, thinking deeply about the meaning of life and suffering. Religion must be able to provide answers to these people. In the religious world where face-to-face activities are limited, education should reach out to every individual in local communities.”

“What the Shincheonji Church appeals to people is the clear explanation of Jesus’ mission in the New Testament,” he continued.

You can watch the seminar by searching “Shincheonji Online Seminar: Testimony on the Parables of the Secrets of Heaven and Their True Meanings” on YouTube or through the link


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