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Dutch Caribbean Air Navigation Service Provider Deploys Space-Based ADS-B In Curaçao

Curaçao leads Caribbean region in aviation safety and efficiency

WILLEMSTAD, Curaçao, Nov. 18, 2019 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ – Today, the Dutch Caribbean Air Navigation Service Provider (DC-ANSP) announced it has deployed Aireon’s space-based ADS-B surveillance service in the Curaçao Flight Information Region (FIR). This milestone follows years of collaboration, with the two organizations signing the data services agreement (DSA) in October of 2015.


Effective immediately, DC-ANSP will have 100 percent air traffic surveillance over the 300,000 square kilometers that make up Curaçao’s FIR. Adjacent to Venezuela, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Jamaica and Colombia, the majority of this FIR is oceanic.

“Space-based ADS-B will revolutionize how DC-ANSP ensures the highest levels of safety and efficiency throughout the Curaçao FIR,” said Micilia Albertus-Verboom, Director General, DC-ANSP. “Before Aireon, the northwestern sector of our FIR lacked real-time air traffic surveillance coverage. Now, space-based ADS-B provides coverage where before there was none.”

The Curaçao FIR is a major throughway for flights; DC-ANSP manages critical routes between the United States, Central America, South America, the Caribbean and Europe throughout the Curaçao FIR. Because of space-based ADS-B coverage, DC-ANSP’s air traffic controllers will be able to reduce separation and guide overflight efficiency in the northwestern sector of the Curaçao FIR.

Director General Albertus-Verboom also noted, “among the many benefits we anticipate, Aireon will allow us to facilitate seamless transitions between Curaçao’s neighboring FIRs. Regions adjacent to us will benefit from safer and more efficient hand-overs, which are afforded by the minimization of human error through data-driven decision making.”

“Deploying Aireon in Curaçao FIR solidifies DC-ANSP’s position as a leader of aviation safety and efficiency in the region,” said Don Thoma, CEO, Aireon. “Our data will provide DC-ANSP more control over how they manage cross-regional and intersecting routes within their airspace and will enable complete situational awareness for DC-ANSP as they continue to deliver superior safety and efficiency to the flying public.”

For the past several years, DC-ANSP and Aireon have worked closely on the technical implementation of the system in Curaçao, which includes the use of the regional network, Mejoras al Enlace de Voz del ATS (MEVA), as a secondary telecommunication link as a means to transfer space-based ADS-B data to DC-ANSPs operations center. Additionally, Aireon has worked alongside DC-ANSP leadership to ensure preparation for the enhancements in procedural operations.

“Not only have we changed how we manage our airspace, but we are also adapting how we work with our adjacent airspaces and our customers, and Aireon has been our partner at every step of the way for the last four years,” said Director General Albertus-Verboom.

Curacao has a January 1, 2020 ADS-B equipage mandate for part of the airspace where there is no conventional radar coverage. Users in Class A airspace must be ADS-B equipped.

About Aireon LLC
Aireon has deployed a space-based air traffic surveillance system for Automatic Dependent Surveillance-Broadcast (ADS-B) equipped aircraft throughout the entire globe. Aireon is harnessing next-generation aviation surveillance technologies that were formerly ground-based and, for the first time ever, is extending their reach globally to significantly improve efficiency, enhance safety, reduce emissions and provide cost savings benefits to all stakeholders. Space-based ADS-B surveillance covers oceanic, polar and remote regions, and augments existing ground-based systems that are limited to terrestrial airspace. In partnership with leading ANSPs from around the world, like NAV CANADA, the Irish Aviation Authority (IAA), Enav, NATS and Naviair, as well as Iridium Communications, Aireon is providing a global, real-time, space-based air traffic surveillance system, available to all aviation stakeholders. For more information, please visit

DC-ANSP was founded as Netherlands Antilles Air Traffic Control (”NAATC”) which was incorporated in Curaçao on 9 February 2005 and became operational on 1 April 2006. DC-ANSP is an Air Navigation Service Provider (”ANSP”) which is responsible for the Air Traffic Services (”ATS”) within the Curaçao Flight Information Region (FIR). DC-ANSP operates 3 air traffic control facilities: an Area Control Centre located in Curaçao and two Aerodrome Control Towers, one located at Hato International Airport (Hato Control Tower) and the other one located at Bonaire International Airport (Flamingo Control Tower). For more information, please visit

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Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation makes donation to community impact organization Curaçao Cares

CaribPR Wire, MIAMI, March 27, 2018: The Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation has today announced a donation of US$25,000 to the community impact organization Curaçao Cares, thanks to the Foundation’s annual fundraising golf tournament.

The tournament – held in Curaçao in its 11th year and raising a total of US$125,000 for the Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation – brought together over 90 participants made up of a variety of C&W’s technology, programing and administrative partners, and donors of the Foundation.

The donation from the Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation will be used towards CURA DOET, the biggest volunteer effort in Curaçao. Celebrated annually in March, the DOET weekend unites people who serve their communities across cultural and geographical differences. The activity consists of two national days of service whereby people in the communities are encouraged to get out and do something to help local worthwhile causes and NGOs.

Since it was set up in 2013, CURA DOET has engaged more than 21,000 volunteers who have collectively participated in more than 100,000 hours of service. During CURA DOET, NGOs get an opportunity to spruce up their location and grounds, parks and schools get a makeover and elderly people and those with special needs are treated to a special day.

The announcement comes one week after the Foundation confirmed funding of over US$290,000 to go towards rebuilding and equipping five schools in the most badly impacted areas of the Caribbean, following last year’s hurricane season.

Gina Colesanti, Director of the Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation, said: “We’re extremely proud to give back to the communities we serve, and worked with our local team on the ground to choose Curaçao Cares as the deserving beneficiary of this year’s annual fundraising golf tournament. We’re very fortunate that we continue to have the assistance of C&W’s technology, programming and administrative partners, who support the annual fundraising event through their participation and financial contribution.”

The annual charity golf event has previously been held in Trinidad and Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, the Dominican Republic, St. Kitts and Nevis and Panama. Last year, in Panama, the funds were donated to three institutions that focus on supporting children: the Pro Niños de Darien, the San José de Malambo Orphanage and the Olga Sinclair Foundation. A variety of youth-centered programs have benefited from the tournament’s fundraising efforts over the years, including the SOS Children’s Home in Jamaica, the Sunshine Achievement Center for under-privileged children in Barbados and the Rainbow Rescue team in Trinidad. The tournament has also helped fund orphanages in the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, and previously funded support programs for the Wilhelmina Fonds Breast Cancer Center in Curaçao.

Lysaye de Windt of Curaçao Cares, said: “As Curaçao Cares continues to grow in its fifth year, partnerships are vital to its success. This generous contribution will help us fulfill our mission of cultivating active citizenship and creating opportunities for individuals to contribute their time, skills, talents and resources towards positive social development, and to connect communities and transform lives. On behalf of the entire Curaçao Cares team, we would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to the Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation.”

The Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation was set up by C&W Communications initially as response to the humanitarian crisis caused by devastating hurricanes in 2017. The Foundation is increasingly the company’s platform for advancing social development, as it strives to fulfil its mission of connecting communities and transforming lives, by funding education and empowerment programs across the Caribbean and Latin America.

To find out more about the Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation, visit, or follow C&W Communications on Twitter.

Notes to editors

About C&W Communications
C&W is a full-service communications and entertainment provider that delivers market-leading video, broadband, telephony and mobile services to consumers in 18 countries. Through its business division, C&W provides data center hosting, domestic and international managed network services, and customized IT service solutions, utilizing cloud technology to serve business and government customers. C&W also operates a state-of-the-art submarine fiber network – the most extensive in the region.

Learn more at, or follow C&W on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Liberty Latin America
Liberty Latin America Ltd. (“Liberty Latin America”) is a leading telecommunications company operating in over 20 countries across Latin America and the Caribbean under the consumer brands VTR, Flow, Liberty, Más Móvil and BTC. The communications and entertainment services that we offer to our residential and business customers in the region increasingly include combinations of services comprised of digital video, broadband internet, telephony and mobile services. Our business products and services include enterprise-grade connectivity, data center, hosting and managed solutions, as well as information technology solutions with customers ranging from small and medium enterprises to international companies and governmental agencies. In addition, Liberty Latin America operates a sub-sea and terrestrial fiber optic cable network that connects over 40 markets in the region.

Liberty Latin America has three separate classes of common shares, which are traded on the NASDAQ Global Select Market under the symbols “LILA” (Class A) and “LILAK” (Class C), and on the OTC link under the symbol “LILAB” (Class B). For more information, please visit

About Curaçao Cares
Curaçao Cares brings together engaged citizens, community partners (NGOs) and companies to achieve impact in communities across Curaçao through volunteer work. Annually they mobilize more than 5,000 volunteers to give 30,000 volunteer hours and support over 160 causes.

Photos accompanying this announcement are available at

La Fundación de Caridad de Cable & Wireless le realiza una donación a la organización con impacto en la comunidad Curaçao Cares

CaribPR Wire, MIAMI, FL, March 27, 2018: La Fundación de Caridad de Cable & Wireless anunció hoy una donación de US$25.000 a la organización con impacto en la comunidad Curaçao Cares gracias a su torneo de golf de recaudación de fondos anual.

El torneo –que se llevó a cabo en Curazao en su undécimo año y que recaudó un total de US$125.000 para la Fundación de Caridad de Cable & Wireless– reunió a más de 90 participantes de una variedad de socios de tecnología, programación, administración de C&W y donantes de la Fundación.

La donación de la Fundación de Caridad de Cable & Wireless se utilizará para CURA DOET, las tareas de voluntariado más grandes en Curazao. Celebrado anualmente en marzo, el fin de semana DOET reúne a personas que sirven a sus comunidades en diferentes zonas geográficas y culturales. El evento consiste en dos días de servicio nacional en el que se alienta a las personas de la comunidad a salir y hacer algo para ayudar en causas locales que valgan la pena y ONGs.

Desde su comienzo en 2013, CURA DOET ha reunido a más de 21.000 voluntarios que, en forma colectiva, han ayudado con más de 100.000 horas de su tiempo. Durante CURA DOET, las ONGs tendrán la oportunidad de que se realicen tareas de limpieza, los parques y las escuelas podrán ser reestructurados y las personas mayores y aquellas con necesidades especiales poder brindarles un día especial.

Este anuncio se realiza una semana después de que la Fundación confirmara el aporte de fondos de más de US$290.000 para la reconstrucción y el equipamiento de cinco escuelas en las zonas más afectadas del Caribe luego de la temporada de huracanes del año pasado.

Gina Colesanti, Directora de la Fundación de Caridad de Cable & Wireless, dijo: “Estamos extremadamente orgullosos de retribuirles a las comunidades en las que servimos, por lo que trabajamos con nuestro equipo local para elegir a Curaçao Cares como el beneficiario del torneo de golf de recaudación de fondos anual. Somos muy afortunados por continuar contando con la asistencia de los socios de tecnología, programación y administración de C&W, que respaldan el evento de recaudación de fondos anual a través de su participación y contribución anual.”

En otras oportunidades, este evento de golf de caridad anual se realizó en Trinidad y Tobago, Barbados, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, República Dominicana, San Kitts y Nevis y Panamá. El año pasado, en Panamá, los fondos fueron donados a tres instituciones que se enfocan en ayudar a los niños: Pro Niños de Darien, el Hogar San José de Malambo y la Fundación Olga Sinclair. Los fondos recaudados gracias a este torneo han beneficiado, a lo largo de los años, a diferentes programas centrados en los jóvenes, entre los que se encuentran el Hogar SOS Children en Jamaica, el Sunshine Achievement Center para niños necesitados en Barbados y el Rainbow Rescue en Trinidad. Además, el torneo ha colaborado con la fundación de orfanatos en República Dominicana y Puerto Rico y, anteriormente, con la fundación de programas de respaldo para el Wilhelmina Fonds Breast Cancer Center en Curazao.

Lysaye de Windt, de Curaçao Cares, dijo: “A medida que Curaçao Cares continúa su crecimiento en su quinto año, las asociaciones son vitales para su éxito. Esta generosa contribución nos ayudará a cumplir nuestra misión de cultivar la ciudadanía activa y crear oportunidades para que las personas aporten su tiempo, sus habilidades, sus talentos, sus recursos al desarrollo social positivo y conecten comunidades y transformen vidas. En nombre de todo el equipo de Curaçao Cares, queremos agradecerle de corazón a la Fundación de Caridad de Cable & Wireless.”

La Fundación de Caridad de Cable & Wireless fue creada por C&W Communications inicialmente como respuesta a la crisis humanitaria ocasionada por los devastadores huracanes en 2017. Esta Fundación es crecientemente la plataforma de la compañía para impulsar el desarrollo social, ya que se esfuerza por cumplir con su misión de conectar comunidades transformando vidas por medio del otorgamiento de fondos para proyectos de educación e impulso en el Caribe y América Latina.

Para conocer más información sobre la Fundación de Caridad de Cable & Wireless, visite o siga a C&W Communications en Twitter.

Notas para los editores

Acerca de C&W Communications
C&W es un proveedor de servicios completos de comunicaciones y entretenimientos que brinda servicios móviles, de telefonía, de banda ancha y de video líderes en el mercado a consumidores de 18 países. A través de su división de negocios, C&W brinda servicios nacionales e internacionales de gestión de redes, hosting de centros de datos y soluciones de servicios de TI personalizadas mediante tecnología en la Nube para servir a gobiernos y negocios. C&W también opera una red de fibra submarina de última generación –la más extensa en la región–.

Lea más información en o siga a C&W en Twitter y LinkedIn.

Acerca de Liberty Latin America
Liberty Latin America Ltd. (“Liberty Latin America”) es una compañía de telecomunicaciones líder que opera en más de 20 países en América Latina y el Caribe bajo las marcas al consumidor VTR, Flow, Liberty, Más Móvil y BTC. Los servicios de entretenimiento y comunicaciones que les ofrecemos a nuestros clientes corporativos y residenciales en la región incluyen crecientemente combinaciones de servicios que contienen servicios móviles, de telefonía, de Internet de banda ancha y de video digital. Nuestros productos y servicios corporativos incluyen soluciones gestionadas, de hosting, de Datacenter y de conectividad corporativa así como también soluciones de tecnología de la información que les brindamos a clientes que son desde pequeñas y medianas empresas hasta compañías internacionales y agencias gubernamentales. Además, Liberty Latin America opera una red de cable de fibra óptica terrestre y submarina que conecta a más de 40 mercados en la región.

Liberty Latin America cuenta con tres clases separadas de acciones comunes, que cotizan en el mercado selecto global NASDAQ bajo los símbolos “LILA” (Clase A) y “LILAK” (Clase C) y en el OTC Link bajo el símbolo “LILAB” (Clase B). Para más información, por favor visite

Acerca de Curaçao Cares
Curaçao Cares reúne a ciudadanos comprometidos, socios de la comunidad (ONGs) y empresas para causar un impacto en las comunidades de Curazao a través del trabajo voluntario. Moviliza anualmente a más de 5.000 voluntarios que trabajan más de 30.000 horas para brindar ayuda en más de 160 causas.

Las fotografías que acompañan este anuncio están disponibles en

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Pew Applauds New Caribbean Shark Sanctuaries

St. Maarten, the Cayman Islands, Curacao, and Grenada boost regional protections for sharks

MAHO, St. Maarten, June 15, 2016 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ — Sharks are safer across the Caribbean Sea, with the announcement of four new shark sanctuaries in the region. Prime Minister William Marlin of St. Maarten and Wayne Panton, minister of financial services, commerce, and environment for the Cayman Islands today announced that their exclusive economic zones (EEZs) are completely closed to commercial shark fishing. Additionally, Curacao and Grenada announced that they will establish legislation this year that will protect sharks in their waters.

Photo –

Government leaders were joined by ocean advocate Sir Richard Branson, as well as by global shark experts and representatives from The Pew Charitable Trusts and other nongovernmental organizations, at a press conference in St. Maarten to champion the new protected areas.

“People from all over the world come to our island to dive and snorkel with our marine wildlife, including sharks and rays,” said Irania Arrindell, St. Maarten’s minister of tourism, economic affairs, transport, and telecommunications. “St. Maarten’s shark sanctuary will help to ensure that our local shark populations exist for future generations and continue to benefit St. Maarten’s marine ecosystem and ecotourism.”

Together, the two new sanctuaries cover a total of 46,190 square miles (119,631 square kilometers), raising the total number of Caribbean sanctuaries to seven.

Sir Richard Branson, Virgin Unite founder, said: “We applaud the steps taken by Caribbean island governments to conserve sharks in their waters. To these governments, sharks are worth far more alive than dead. We are delighted and encouraged to see this bold action being taken to protect Caribbean ecosystems and bolster ecotourism industries.”

“St. Maarten and the Cayman Islands have joined a progressive group of leaders in global shark conservation by choosing to fully protect the diverse but vulnerable shark and ray species found in their waters,” said Luke Warwick, director of Pew’s global shark conservation campaign. “We look forward to continued expansion of shark conservation in the Caribbean to secure the region as a safe haven for threatened shark species.”

The announcement came during a three-day shark conservation symposium co-hosted by the government of St. Maarten, the St. Maarten Nature Foundation, the Bahamas National Trust, and The Pew Charitable Trusts. At the symposium, Caribbean leaders had the opportunity to learn from global shark experts, such as Boris Worm, professor in marine conservation biology at Dalhousie University in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and discuss shark conservation and shark-related tourism in their jurisdictions.

Since 2009, Pew has worked with governments around the world to establish shark sanctuaries in their territorial waters. The creation of these sanctuaries in the Caribbean brings the total number of sanctuaries worldwide to 14, covering 6 million square miles (15.5 million square kilometers), an area bigger than Canada.

Worldwide, at least 100 million sharks are killed each year in commercial fisheries; nearly 30 percent of all known shark species assessed by scientists are threatened with extinction. Sharks play an important role in maintaining the health of the entire ocean, but they grow and reproduce slowly, which makes them particularly vulnerable to overfishing. Officials in many coastal and island nations recognize sharks’ high value to the dive tourism industry.

“Establishing sanctuaries to protect all sharks makes clear that these top predators warrant the same status as other vulnerable marine wildlife that help attract ecotourism, such as turtles and whales,” Warwick added.

The Pew Charitable Trusts is driven by the power of knowledge to solve today’s most challenging problems. Learn more at

Barbara Cvrkel, +1 202-510-5670
[email protected]

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Cutting edge therapy for Psoriasis patients now available in the Caribbean

- Clinical trials with over 3,000 treated patients demonstrate its efficacy.

- Studies demonstrated that at least two thirds of the patients obtained 75% improvement of Psoriasis Activity Severity Index.

- This treatment significantly improves the quality of life of patients with moderate to severe plaque psoriasis.

PANAMA CITY, Dec. 2, 2015 /PRNewswire-HISPANIC PR WIRE/ – Psoriasis is a chronic skin disease that affects around 140 million people worldwide.  It’s more frequent between the ages of 15 and 25, but may develop at any age and highly impacts the quality of life.

Several types of psoriasis exist, which range from mild to severe and disabling. Plaque psoriasis is the most common form and is known for producing inflammation and scaly patches of thickened skin called “plaques”. It is caused due to a problem in the immunologic system, where white blood cells that normally become activated to fight infections, are in this case activated against the healthy skin cells.  The cause of the disease is unknown. The immunologic system is activated and produces inflammatory mediators which are responsible for the skin lesions.

During this process, white blood cells release chemical products called “cytokines”, which produce inflammation, reddening of the skin and make the cutaneous cells move from deeper skin layer to surface at a higher speed than normal, (almost 5 times). These cells accumulate and generate the scaly patches. Psoriatic lesions show the aspect of scales, sometimes with a white silver color, while the skin below is red and if scratched it can bleed. Two specific cytokines are increased in the pathogenesis of psoriasis and produce the inflammatory process of the disease (Interleukin 12 and Interleukin 23).

Ustekinumab is a monoclonal antibody that represents the first of a new class of psoriasis therapies that specifically and selectively targets IL-12/IL-23.

Ustekinumab is now available in the Caribbean, specifically in Aruba, Bahamas, Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Curacao and Jamaica.[i] Ustekinumab is commercialized under the brand Stelara™.

This therapeutic alternative is the latest generation of psoriasis treatment. With over 3,000 treated patients (in clinical trials) up to 5 years of treatment. The data obtained proves that the treatment is well tolerated and safe.

Clinical trials demonstrated that at least two thirds of the patients obtained a 75% improvement of the psoriasis, in accordance with the Psoriasis Activity Severity Index (PASI 75), after only two doses of Ustekinumab. This innovative treatment has a very convenient dosage regimen when compared with other biological therapies for psoriasis. After 5 years, approximately 80% of the patients treated with Ustekinumab maintain response.

Until recent years, psoriasis was considered a disease limited to the skin. Recent evidence, from important population studies in psoriatic patients, has demonstrated an increase in mortality and a decrease in life expectancy between 3 to 4 years in patients with psoriasis.

On the other hand, the impact of psoriasis notably influences the quality of life, and this is reflected in the increase of different social and psychoactive pathologies, and in the acquisition of unhealthy habits like tobacco and alcohol, favored by low self-esteem, anxiety, depression and the isolation which patients feel subjected to.[ii]

“Ustekinumab significantly improves the quality of life of patients with moderate to severe psoriasis, as well as their physical and mental functions. After 12 weeks of treatment, patients treated with Ustekinumab present a significant improvement in their mental well-being and their physical condition”, affirmed Dr. Eduardo Franco; Janssen’s Medical Director for Central America and the Caribbean.

The itching and pain, the plaques in their hands and feet may hinder the performance of certain tasks or participation in some activities. Overtime, about 40% of psoriatic patients develop arthritis. “The most severe cases of psoriasis may even generate immobility of the patient. Some patients compare the reduction of their physical activities to the ones generated by other diseases as cancer or heart diseases”, pointed out Dr. Jose Antonio Herrera, Immunology Medical Manager for Janssen.

About Janssen

Janssen is a Company dedicated to the research of providing innovative products that help protect and improve the life of people, and face and solve the most important and unresolved medical needs of our times, in the areas of oncology, immunology, neurosciences and infectious, cardiovascular and metabolic diseases.

Across the different companies of the Johnson & Johnson group, our people are united in the passionate pursuit of solutions through science, in benefit of the patients.

Present in over 50 countries, we share the commitment of the founders of the Company, of innovating in ideas, products and services for the patients of the whole world.

[i] Ustekinumab was approved by the following Health Authorities:
Aruba: Drug Registration Board,
Curacao; Drug Registration Board
Jamaica: Ministry of Health.
Cayman Islands, Bahamas and Bermuda are not regulated countries.

[ii] 2009 Latin American Psoriasis Consensus, treatment guides, Latin American Psoriasis Society

Fact Sheet Psoriasis

  1. Psoriasis is a chronic disease that affects over 140 million people worldwide.
  2. It presents itself more frequently between the ages of 15 and 25, but may develop at any age and highly impacts the quality of life.
  3. The main cause for this disease is unknown. The immunologic system is activated and produces inflammatory mediators which stimulated white cells and infiltrate the skin layers. The deep layer cells move to the outer layer of the skin at least 5 time faster than usual, and this produces the characteristic plaque of the psoriasis.
  4. There are several clinical forms of the disease, plaque psoriasis being the most common form. It is known for producing inflammation and scaly patches of thickened skin called “plaques”.
  5. Moderate to severe plaque psoriasis, notably influences the quality of life.  Severe cases of psoriasis may even generate immobility of the patient.
  6. Some patients compare the reduction of their physical activities to the ones generated by other diseases such as cancer or heart disease.
  7. Ustekinumab is now available in the Caribbean, specifically in Aruba, Bahamas, Bermuda, Caiman Islands, Curacao and Jamaica.[i]  Ustekinumab is commercialized under the brand Stelara™.
  8. Clinical trials with over 3,000 patients treated with Ustekinumab have demonstrated its efficacy. At least two thirds of the patients obtained a 75% improvement of the Psoriasis Activity Severity Index.
  9. After 5 years, approximately 80% of the patients treated with Ustekinumab maintain response.

[i] Ustekinumab was approved by the following Health Authorities:
Aruba: Drug Registration Board,
Curacao; Drug Registration Board
Jamaica: Ministry of Health.
Cayman Islands, Bahamas and Bermuda are not regulated countries.

CONTACT:  Janssen, JoanTownsend, (507) 64306252 or (507) 3989740, tojoa

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Prime Minister of Curacao to Address Caribbean Basin Coastal Surveillance and Maritime Security Summit

LONDON, Feb. 28, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Daniel Hodge, the Prime Minister of Curacao is set to address Defence IQ’s Caribbean Basin Coastal Surveillance and Maritime Security Summit (CABSEC) on the 12 – 14 March 2013 in Curacao:

The participants including ambassadors, defence ministers, senior government officials, chiefs of navies, defence staff and coast guards involved in regional and hemispheric security will discuss maritime security priorities and enforcement requirements for the region:

With the European Union drawing up its Joint EU-Caribbean strategy, the USA strengthening security along this major drug route and Brazil and other Latin American nations increasing efforts to secure this crucial export route, CABSEC comes at an important time for maritime security in the region. Solutions to the regions’ maritime security challenges and funding streams will also be under discussion.

Senior officials will attend the CABSEC Summit including:

  • H.E. Mario Zamora Cordero, the Minister for Public Security of Costa Rica
  • H.E. Ambassador Larry Palmer, the U.S. Ambassador to Barbados and the Eastern Caribbean
  • H.E. Ambassador Robert Kopecky, the Head of Delegation of the EU to Guyana, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, and the Dutch Overseas Countries and Territories
  • H.E. Ambassador Adam Blackwell, Secretary of Multidimensional Security, Organization of American States
  • H.E. Lucita Moeniralam, the Netherlands Ambassador to Trinidad and Tobago
  • Vice Admiral Edwin Dominici, Chief of Staff, The Navy of the Dominican Republic
  • Lieutenant General Guy Thibault , Chair of Inter-American Defence Board (IADB), Organization of American States
  • Major General Kenrick Maharaj, Chief of Defence Staff, Trinidad and Tobago Defence Force
  • Major General Richard Foster, Deputy Commander (Continental), Canadian Joint Operations Command
  • Major General Rene Osorio, Chief of Joint Staff, Armed Forces of Honduras

The CABSEC Summit includes a dedicated focus day on Counter-Narcotics, providing international perspectives on tackling the illicit traffic in narcotics and its global implications.

CABSEC will be attended by industry leaders and businesses with solutions to enhance coastal surveillance and maritime security. Sponsors include Damen Shipyards, Aerodata AG, Beechcraft Corporation, Venezuelan firm Aviaservice; Spanish defence giant Indra Sistemas, Swedish defence and security company Saab and Swedish Space Corporation, fastest-growing Canadian defence contractor Provincial Aerospace, along with Alphatron, Esri, OCEA and Pon Power and Caterpillar.


CABSEC: 12 – 14 March, Curacao.

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Insel Air Strengthens Competitive Edge as UATP Merchant

WASHINGTON, Feb. 21, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Insel Air International B.V., Willemstad, Curacao, has joined the UATP Network as a Merchant and now accepts all UATP corporate cards, a move which will provide their corporate travelers their desired form of payment.

(Logo: )

Insel Air’s mission is to generate greater connectivity within the Pan-American region. Accepting UATP for payment will help achieve this vision by giving their corporate clients more choice when traveling to one of their 16 international destinations.

“Partnering with UATP allowed us to address the needs of our growing corporate client base while simultaneously providing Insel Air with the payment solutions needed to remain competitive in this market,” said Jurgen Lippinkhof, chief commercial officer, Insel Air. “Building UATP into our business plan will support our focus on successfully capturing market share.”

“The corporate travel market is quickly expanding, increasing the need for additional payment options,” said Ralph Kaiser, president and CEO, UATP. “Accepting UATP positions Insel Air to capture the growing corporate client market.”

Insel Air is an IOSA certified airline and member of ALTA. They began operations in 2006 with the focus of connecting the Pan-American region, while concentrating on safety, on-time performance and customer service. Insel Air has a fleet of 11 aircrafts that operate approximately 46 flights a day.

UATP is the low cost payment network privately owned by the world’s airlines. For more information, visit or

About UATP

UATP is a global payment solution owned and operated by the world’s airlines and accepted by thousands of merchants for air, rail, hotel, cruise and travel agency payments. UATP offers easy-to-use tools, DataStream SM and DataMine SM which provide comprehensive data to Issuers and Corporate Subscribers for accurate travel management.

UATP accounts are accepted as a form of payment for corporate business travel worldwide by airlines, travel agencies and Amtrak®. UATP accounts are issued by: Aeromexico; Air New Zealand (ANZFF.PK); American Airlines (AAMRQ.PK); Austrian Airlines; China Eastern Airlines (NYSE: CEA); Delta Air Lines (NYSE: DAL); EL AL Israel Airlines; Etihad Airways; GOL Linhas aereas inteligentes S.A. (NYSE: GOL and Bovespa: GOLL4); Hahn Air; Japan Airlines (9201:JP); Malaysia Airlines; Qantas Airways (QUBSF.PK); Shandong Airlines; United Airlines (NYSE: UAL); and US Airways (NYSE: LCC).

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